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ACDX Prep - Airheads Community Hope you passed.. I agree the test is fun, even if i was sick as a dog when I took it lol. What all did you use to prepare? Now you have to wait a few weeks or few days to get the results hahaha. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) - CBD May 05, 2016 · Who are non-governmental organizations (NGOs)? Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are generally considered to be not-for-profit groups or associations, whether local or international, acting outside political institutions. They pursue the interests of one or more groups through lobbying and/or direct action. ‫الشاعر محمد الحسن سالم حميد | Facebook‬ أن أكتب عن حميد هذا لا يعني أن اقرع طبول الحرب ضده وأثير السخط عليه ، وأيضا لا أريد أن أنفخ أبواق الدعاية له وأكيل له المدح بما يستحقه وما لا يستحقه ؛ ذلك لأنني لا أحمل له أي تحيز مسبق فأنا لم